Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Some pics From 2 weeks ago...

I have been trying to upload the pic of the seitan and peppers for almost two weeks. Blogger is so aggravating... It looks like it is finally working. Here it is- I know the colors kinda blend together. This tasted so good!
I grilled some tofu on my Cuisinart Griddler. It was a gift from my ex's parents right before we split up. I told him I wanted it as our parting gift. He would never use it and I was the one who wanted it. It was expensive, but I love it! Anyway, this griddler has 2 different sets of grill plates, one flat for pancakes, french toast, etc. and one set of grill plates. You can make panini if you close it, or you can open it up flat. I love this grill! I know friends who have the George Forman grill and it just isn't the same! This was the Chinese 5 spice tofu, which is kinda soft. I cut the block of tofu into 3 big pieces and sprayed it with some bragg's aminos. Look at the grill marks!
I had this with veggies and more rice noodles with sesame seeds. Last night I made the Punk Rock Chick Pea Gravy (fantastic!) and Mashed Potatoes from VwaV. I had it with some broccoli and heated up slices of Tofurky hickory smoked turkey. Such Comfort food!

I have been busy setting up my classroom, and doing lots of reading, getting my art history notes going for this school year. Summer is almost over, sigh... The worst is when I go back to school, everyone will be tan, talking about their summer and their vacations... Dating is annoying and depressing, but I don't want to give up yet. My ex is now back to dating the girl he was dating when he met me- must be nice to slide back into a familiar relationship. He lied to me for 2 months about it (we were trying to be friends). I can't believe the girl took him back. But I tell myself I am so lucky to not be in that relationship anymore.

On the positive side, I went clothes shopping for school, and I was able to buy a size smaller in pants. That made me feel good. I still go to the gym, but now I have been going only about 4 days a week. It is still better than nothing though. I am meeting Kris on Thursday for our birthdays (I am the 28th, she's the 29th) and Sunday with my parents- my mom's b-day is the 30th.


Anonymous tara said...

Mmm, the food looks and sounds delicious. I would love to have a grill like that.

I need to try VwaV chickpea gravy. Keep hearing about it.

Congrats on the size smaller jeans. Way to go! 4 days to the gym sounds great, much much better than not at all (and a lot more than I could ever do).

Take care and hang in there! :) Good luck as the school year approaches

8/22/2006 6:13 PM  
Blogger Vanessa (of vanesscipes) said...

Hey Karen - happy almost birthday!

I second Tara - hang in there! You're obviously WAY better off now (hey, you got a griddle!) but sometimes it takes a little while for your heart to catch up to your brain. You'll come through even better and stronger - don't give up hope of meeting someone who's really worth it. I promise he's out there! I'm currently out west enjoying a vacation by myself that I was supposed to go on with my ex. Of course I'm lonely, but it's better to be on ones own than with someone who doesn't treat you the way you should be treated. Plus, the boys are cute here! Keep your chin up.

8/22/2006 8:01 PM  
Anonymous Geraldine said...

Yes, that grill sounds very interesting. I like anything with Chinese Five Spice...actually added it to a yummy soup today, made it even better.

You have lots to be happy about not the least of which, SMALLER PANTS!!! Good things have gotta be on the way.

Huggs, G

8/22/2006 9:18 PM  
Blogger KleoPatra said...

Hi Karen! Go you with the pants size! I am so happy for you as i know that made you feel good. Way to go!

What are you going to do for your birthday? That is so cool how you and your mom's b'days are so close; Kris's too!

My pal Peter's b'day is 31 August and his dad's is 30 August!

HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY to you!!!

I love the grilled tofu on the griddler, that is really nice. I like how you kept it as your "parting gift." Ha! GOOD FOR YOU! I totally dig the grill marks where the Bragg's shows up darker in some areas. Neat.

I now think i want this instead of the Foreman grill! But i still want a Vita-Mix (that's another story!) too.

And your seitan and peppers and onions and carrots and rice and whatever else is in there... looks SO good, Karen!

When i read about your ex and what he doing now. It makes me ill! I abhor liars. I mean REALLY loathe. I have been lied to and cheated on before and it disgustse me. Oy, i don't even want to think about how much i can relate to what you are dealing with. I'm sorry you have had to deal with such a *&$#.

But i will say (write) this:

If at all possible, distance yourself from what he is doing and with whom he is with. Distance yourself as much as you possibly can. It might be hard but it is the BEST think you can do. Trust me on this.

Dating IS annoying and depressing. It also can be fun and a great learning experience. Hang in there, kiddo.

8/22/2006 9:25 PM  
Blogger Dori said...

Congrats on the size smaller pants. I love the first pictures of the stir fry plate over rice - looks very appetizing. Happy upcoming birthday to you too. My Melissa will be 15. She just got her school permit. She is the school crossing guard before and after school (pays $12/hr). She gets to drive for the first time by herself tommorrow. Happy school staring to you too. I will work at a nearby highschool Sept 18 - December 13, I will be packing lunch (I am really looking forward to this). :)

8/22/2006 10:30 PM  
Blogger funwithyourfood said...

blogger works, smaller pants- what more can you ask for

oh yea some great food. and you got that too


8/23/2006 1:48 AM  
Blogger Vivacious Vegan said...

Congrats on the size smaller pants! 4 days a week at the gym is 4 days more than me. I've been so bad about exercising lately. I'm feeling so lethargic and unmotivated. Good for you girl.

I agree with Kleo 100% about distancing yourself from your ex. As much as possible, try not to talk to him or to others about him. Just remember, you're broken up for a reason. He can be "her" headache now!

8/23/2006 2:01 AM  
Blogger Tanya Kristine said...

You're a wonderful woman Karen. you're a good mom to Penny too! AND you're a fabulous cook who gave me a tip that i'm ever so greatful for (the griddler - sounds like a batman character)

fret not about the past, myfriend for it is just that: the past. look forward and never back! happiness is in the now and in the waht's to greatful you'll soon find real love and not convenient love like your ex...he's not happy but that's his problem.

8/23/2006 5:33 PM  
Blogger karen said...

Thank you everybody for so much support!

Tara- your bike rides put my gym time to shame!

Vanessa- You have great strength to enjoy that vacation- go you!

Geraldine- that soup sounds good- thank you for your words of encouragement!

Kleo- you are so amazing- I want to adopt you as my big sis! Enjoy your special one's birthdays too!

Dori- I can't believe you have an 18 and a 15 yr old! You look so young! Good luck to you at school this fall!

Thanks Teddy for the kind words.

Crystal- you look like you work out constantly- you are in excellent shape! He can be her headeach, lol!

TK- you are so complimentary! The griddler does sound like a batman foe, lol. he's not happy... yes

You guys are just what I needed- I love having an online "family" :)

8/23/2006 8:15 PM  
Blogger Vivacious Vegan said...

Thanks for the compliment, but I really don't work out (haven't for quite a few months now). Instead, I try to take in as few calories as possible to balance it out. I am very flaby and out of shape. My muscles are tightening up and I can't even touch my toes. I've lost all flexibility. I need to just stop complaining and do something about it, damn it. Plus, then maybe I'd get to eat a little more...

8/23/2006 11:25 PM  
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